RFP identifies Frontier Bank as the right partner for Prime Connected

As a leading provider of infrastructure services, DAS and project management, and ambitious goals for expanding its national footprint within the healthcare industry, Prime Connected wanted a banking relationship that could provide enhanced banking services and greater support. Through an RFP process that included several banks, the Prime Connected executive team identified Frontier Bank.

“We wanted to work with a bank that had a good understanding of our business and what we needed to continue to grow and expand,” said Brian Kenkel, chief executive officer at Prime Connected. “Others haven’t taken the time to do a deep dive into our business.”

It also enabled Prime to ensure the bank was able to deliver in key areas that included the range of banking and business services offered, the assurance of local decision making and the financial strength and agility to meet ongoing business needs.

At the same time, the RFP process also allowed Frontier Bank to identify Prime Connected as a great fit for its team as well.

“This is the way we like to work – as a partnership,” said  Mel Stuart of Frontier Bank. “Making the investment in getting to know the business and building trust with the people as well. The more we got to know about Prime Connected, the more we could see that we felt like them and looked like them in our approach and in building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.”

The RFP was about more than relationships. Frontier Bank’s due diligence as part of the process identified opportunities to save Prime money on interest, deposit and treasury services, dig into financials and receivables and learn more about the businesses the company does business with.

Now, three years into the relationship, the relationship is going strong. “It’s important that process,” Kenkel said. “What I like is that if I need something, I can call their cell phone and get a response. That’s huge.”

Understanding us, where we’re going and what we’ll need – that’s an important piece. With Frontier, we have that piece.

Brian Kenkel, CEO, Prime Connected
prime 2

Prime Connected CEO, Brian Kenkel, with his Frontier banker, Mel Stuart.

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The right solution, the right people – it takes knowing who you’re doing business with and what they need from you to grow and prosper. With Prime Connected, Frontier Bank demonstrates what happens with a local relationship that brings extensive financial resources and support. From traditional treasury services to deposit accounts and lending, Frontier Bank shows you how we can be the partner you need to make your money work harder for you.

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